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(1) New intelligent manufacturing series activities:

Activity 1: "digital economy, making manufacturing more intelligent, making industry more digital" forum.

In combination with Huawei fertile soil, invite experts from home appliance industry to introduce the latest technologies and advantages of smart chips, Internet of things, cloud services, etc., help enterprises build industrial intelligent Internet platform, and accelerate the realization of "product intelligence" and "production intelligence".

Activity 2: Intelligent Technology Forum of "industrial interconnection, innovation and color"

In combination with Cixi branch of Zhejiang University of business and industry, this paper introduces the latest IOT technology, business model, end-user and talent demand of smart home appliances through speeches by industry experts and guests of benchmark enterprises in this city.

Activity 3: 2020 China Cixi smart home appliances high quality development forum

To guide the innovation direction of Cixi home appliance enterprises, expand the influence of smart home appliance industry innovation service complex, promote the development of smart home appliance industry, invite experts of home appliance industry to discuss the development trend of smart home appliance technology and the formulation of group standards, build a complex display platform, demonstrate the service function of the complex, and help home appliance enterprises quickly find service institutions.

(2) New quality manufacturing activities:

Activity 1: Cixi home appliances European and American intellectual property protection and response Forum

In order to further improve our city's home appliance enterprises' response to intellectual property risks in the overseas market, we should do a good job in intellectual property protection and planning in advance, and improve the ability of enterprises to practice foreign patents. During the exhibition, relevant overseas experts were invited to give lectures on the theme of "intellectual property protection and response in Europe and America". From the aspects of international treaties on intellectual property, patent problems in trade, patent infringement during the exhibition and response measures in case of infringement, international litigation response and so on, the intellectual property protection awareness and solution ability of enterprises in our city were effectively improved under the new trade situation, so as to effectively solve the problems To protect the legitimate rights and interests of home appliance enterprises and products in our city.

Activity 2: the 12th Cixi cup Industrial Design Competition

With the theme of "intelligent manufacturing and Cixi design", Cixi has continuously promoted independent innovation and industrial upgrading of the home appliance industry by collecting and selecting the best design product award and "2019 Cixi top ten industrial designers". At the same time, we will focus on the exhibition of award-winning products, guide the product innovation and upgrading of home appliance enterprises in our city, and optimize brand competition. We will promote the integration of design and manufacturing, and foster new driving forces for development.

Activity 3: home appliance talent recruitment fair

Hold the "special recruitment fair for electrical appliances talents", attract professional talents in design, production, marketing and management of electrical appliances in and out of the city, communicate with enterprise representatives in depth, increase the talent reserve of electrical appliances industry in our city, and serve the transformation and development of Cixi electrical appliances industry.

(3) New retail campaign:

Activity 1: 2020 China (Cixi) appliance industry Internet Summit Forum

In order to actively help the advantage enterprises of home appliance industry to use e-commerce to better develop new markets, we will closely focus on the development of home appliance industry, promote the online and offline integration development of e-commerce and regional industrial clusters, join hands with Alibaba, invite experts and entrepreneurs to share the latest development trend and successful experience of e-commerce, and work with home appliance manufacturers, foreign trade enterprises and e-commerce enterprises in our city Communication and interaction.

Activity 2: 2020 China Cixi home appliance "new retail" sharing meeting and enterprise negotiation and exchange meeting

Combined with the Cixi new tiktok business center and Cixi electronic public service center, the new retail business platform, including jitter, spelling, and micro stores, is invited to show the development trend of the sharing industry.

Activity 3: 2020 Cixi home appliances Southeast Asia cross border e-commerce Summit Forum

Hold Cixi cross border e-commerce Summit Forum, invite the platform of big sellers, such as shapee and lazada, who are in line with Cixi's export of home appliances to Southeast Asia, to share marketing ideas, discuss and guide the dividend period of Southeast Asia market together, and analyze the new play methods of cross-border e-commerce in Southeast Asia.

Activity 4: purchasing group activity of home appliance small and medium dealers Exhibition

In combination with the online platform of "home appliances e" of the exhibition, through the organization of forum training, channel marketing and other ways, organize the purchasers to purchase at the meeting. At the same time, we will organize purchasing groups to visit factories, sample experience and other products, and do a good job in the exhibition direct purchasing activities of domestic small and medium-sized purchasers.

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