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Name Stars Address Phone
Cixi Hangzhou Bay HotelFive Star301 Temple Hill Road, Cixi0574-63914888
Radisson Plaza Hotel CixiFive StarXiaolin Town, Cixi City Star Road on the 1st0574-58998888
Mercure Grand Hotel Cixi BuckinghamQuasi-starCixi Bayberry Avenue 8880574-63798888
Cixi International HotelFour stars625 Park Avenue, Cixi No.0574-63028888
Bossman International HotelFour starsCixi City North West Street on the 28th0574-63933333
Cixi Zhongyi HotelFour starsCixi Youth Palace Road 1000574-63938888
Kimtay HotelsFour starsCixi Dongxing Road on the 1st0574-63910088
Cixi HotelThree starsCixi City Ring Road No. 4070574-63912288
Silver Grand HotelThree starsCixi Sun Tong Road No. 1980574-63911888
Cixi Olle HotelThree stars96 Cixi Youth Palace Road0574-63987777
World Homestead HotelsThree starsCixi City, Road on the 1st0574-63912222
Cixi World Garden HotelThree starsCixi City North Avenue No. 20850574-63921111
Cixi Guomai HotelThree starsSouth Gate Avenue Cixi No. 2880574-63918888
Red Sun HotelTwo starsCixi develop the pool of Tam Hill Avenue0574-63019868
Collaboration Business HotelTwo stars39 Station Road, Cixi0574-58587888
Hanjue commercial hotelTwo starsCixi Youth Palace Road on the 1st0574-63813333
Hyatt Regency HotelTwo starsCixi gutang Street West Second Ring Road 30574-23666777
Jinjiang HotelTwo starsCixi Chee Yong Lu on the 22nd0574-63883888
Fudi HotelTwo starsCixi City Station Road No. 2110574-63920088
Chong Hing HotelTwo starsNo. 685-693 New River Road, Cixi0574-63809588
Hotel carsTwo starsCixi South Second Ring Road0574-63921888
Jinshan HotelTwo starsCixi Chee Yong Lu on the 23rd0574-63915555
Jinchuan HotelTwo starsCixi Wu Shan Road on the 10th0574-63919888
Days Hotel crossingTwo starsCixi South Second Ring Road No. 1080574-63800808

Address : Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, East Road 588 North First Cixi Exhibition Center

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